Friday, October 9, 2009

Sameem Associates and our exciting NFL relationship

Sameem Associates has been involved with the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse since 1997.  At that time the NFL program was attempting to create a network of treating clinicians in each city where the football clubs played.  Through a series of contacts, Sameem was approached and the relationship began.  Over the years we have had many opportunities to work with players from different teams as well as present at NFL sponsored conferences about that work.  Due to the very strict standards of confidentiality that the program and that the NFL demands about this work, it is inappropriate to communicate any details.  What can be said however is that the relationship has been excellent.

During the 2008 season another opportunity was created when the NFL decided to sponsor a series of seminars on different topics for the rookies on each football club through the newly created Conduct Management Program.  Through the Player Development department these seminars would be held, one of which was on the topic of substance abuse.  We were fortunate to beable to be part of a team of presenters last season to the rookies as part of this program for the New England Patriots.  It is our understanding that each football club had been conducting various programs in the past for their players.

On Wednesday, October 7, 2009, our second opportunity to present a seminar on substance abuse to the rookies for the New England Patriots through the Player Development department as part of the Conduct Management Program was held.  It was very successful based on our past experience and the enthusiastic participation of the players. 

We would like to thank the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse, administered by ERM Associates, the Director of Player Development for the New England Patriots and the consulting team psychologist for their support and help with this seminar.

Matt Green, Treating Clinician
NFL Program for Substances of Abuse
Clinical Director, Sameem Associates

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